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An innovative Vintage-style bulb with all the advantages of an LED light source

The device is equipped with a stylized halogen lamp that has all the advantages of a LED light source, such as: full control over each of the colors from the RGBW palette, excellent energy efficiency or instant response to the control signal. At the same time, by enabling the "Dim delay" function available in the Mk2 software, you get a perfect simulation of incandescent light behavior, and also a look of a classic halogen light source. This innovative solution will work perfectly in all installations where both a sophisticated, stylish design as well as reliability, the comfort and convenience of control and configuration are required – the greatest advantages of modern LED fixtures.


NEW! An extreme efficiency of the cooling system

Flash Professional LED PAR SHORT is a perfect combination of compact dimensions and a incredible efficiency of the cooling system. The fixtures of Flash Professional SHORT type can work using 100% of power in increased ambient temperature a lot longer and more effectively than a standard LED PAR fixture. Thanks to applying a big fan, the electronic security systems protecting against overheating switch on only in extreme environmental conditions. It allows for using the full power of the device when it is needed.


The newest series of products designed and made in Poland is a guarantee of quality and reliability. A number of modern features used in Flash Professional series, combined with robust construction, unique design and versatility provides ease of use and the highest quality of light effects in almost all conditions.

NEW! Extremely smooth change of brightness

16-bit brightness control resolution

Brightness control using two DMX channels allows to achieve an outstanding resolution - 65536 levels of brightness! Thanks to this the device is ideally suited for professional theater installations, stage performances and broadcast TV. The ability to control the brightness in the full range allows to achieve excellent results of smooth changes and enables the precise setting of the desired color from the basic colors.


Brightness control curves

The ability to choose different brightness control curves allows to achieve the effect of a very smooth transition between different levels of brightness with a standard 8-bit control (single DIMMER fader). By choosing curves such as "Log" or "S-Curve" user can achieve more natural, smooth dimming, which is more visible at low DMX values. Additionally, this feature opens up new possibilities in color mixing at low magnitudes.


Dim delay – bulb simulation

Delayed LEDs reaction to the DIMMER fader changes causes even greater smoothing of brightness changes - even with 8-bit controll (single DIMMER fader)! By enabling this feature and selecting one of the specially designed characteristic curves (eg. "S-Curve"), you can obtain a perfect dimming effect with no jump between levels!


NEW! The same colors in the entire Flash Professional series

The color palette available in a seperated DMX channel has been calibrated in a way that using various fixtures from Flash Professional series allows to get the same color - regardless of the kind and a power of diode. Thanks to this option you will light the entire space evenly, using the same light's color. The factory calibration of the white color's temperature in various fixtures allows for fast and stable white balance adjustment in television or film application.

NEW! Compatibility with professional broadcast TV equipment - PWM 3000Hz

The refresh rate equal to 3000Hz gives an excellent compatibility with a huge palette of professional and amateur cameras and television systems currently used worldwide. Using this fixture in the TV studio or to illuminate the film set you don’t’ need to worry about the blinking picture effect.

NEW! Color LCD 1,8” display

New, clear device menu - a convenient device function control is now available on the bright, color LCD display with a resolution of 160 x 128px. On the display you can easily change the mode, DMX channel, the speed of the built-in macros, enable advanced options and even read the user manual built into the device! Clearly visible DMX channel or macro number allows to inspect the operation of the device from a distance without having to approach him.

NEW! DMX channel modes – layouts for everyone

A lot of different DMX modes to choose from - ease of use for both those using the basic functions of the fixture as well as for advanced users. "Classic" modes is a well-known D-S-R-G-B-W channel mode. For users who require maximum flexibility we have prepared RGB and RGBW modes, and their 16-bit control equivalents.

Modern, authored electronics

The devices were equipped with DMX signal regeneration and electronic protection against overheating features, which allows for seamless installation without the need for additional electronics. The ability to select one of two modes for fan allows you to use the fixture eg. in conditions where the key criterion is a quiet work. If your priority is the full power at higher ambient temperatures – “Disco” mode will provide adequate cooling in tough conditions.


Technical data

PricePrice-List EUR MiP
-------- TECHNICAL DATA -------- 
Power supply voltage100 - 245V
Voltage frequency50/60Hz
Diode typeCOB 5in1
Diode power250W
DisplayColor LCD
Number of diodes1
-------- UTILITY DATA -------- 
Beam angle (min)37°
Beam angle (max)37°
DimmingLinear: 0 - 100%
Flash frequency (min)1Hz
Flash frequency (max)20Hz
Number of DMX channels9 channel modes (3-9 channels)
DMX standardDMX 512
Control interface4 buttons
Operating modesDMX512, Auto, Sound-controlled, Master / Slave
Features16-bit dimming, various dimming curves, bulb simulation, DMX Signal regeneration, Electronic protection against overheating
-------- INTERFACES -------- 
DMX INXLR - 3 pin
DMX OUTXLR - 3 pin
IP RatingIP20
Height [cm]30
Width [cm]27
Depth [cm]13
Weight [kg]3,6
Weight with packaging [kg]5,4


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